Jet Peel

JetPeel treatments allow deep revitalization of your skin without needles and without pain.

A handpiece that propels serums in the form of micro-droplets at a pressure of 5 bars is used all over your face and neck.

The treatment begins with cleansing then lymphatic drainage in order to detoxify your skin and prepare it to receive the powerful active ingredients that arrive. Your skin is then exfoliated depending on its sensitivity. In order to provide it with the ingredients it needs, we then choose different serums: hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C, argireline…

Your skin is radiant, smoothed and firmed.

For an in-depth treatment we recommend a course of 6 treatments spaced 8 to 10 days apart each.

The JetPeel can also be done individually to boost your skin and prepare it for a particular event, for example.

The JetPeel treatment can be combined with LED or combined with Lift firming maneuvers.


45 / 60 / 75 minutes   € 125 / 155 / 185