Relaxing Massages

Kobido face massage is inspired by ancestral Japanese techniques and provides deep relaxation while contributing to the firmness, radiance and tone of your skin. Ideally, we recommend combining it with a facial treatment

30 / 75 minutes   € 70 / 155

This massage, performed with lukewarm oil, is carried out with gentle and enveloping strokes. Fully customizable, it will relax you and reduce stress.

45 / 60 / 90 minutes   € 90 / 120 / 165

This ancestral massage of Ayurvedic origin helps reduce muscle tension in the upper back, shoulders, neck and head. It reduces migraines and improves sleep.

45 / 60 minutes   € 90 / 120

Each of the reflexology points helps to re-balance the energies within the organs of the body. This treatment allows you to relax but also to re-energize all of your vital functions.

45 minutes   € 90

The hot stone massage gives you deep relaxation thanks to the heat but also to the enveloping maneuvers of the massage.

75 minutes   € 130